ERC-20 goerli token transfer not collected

Tokens transfers for 0x245bd6b5d8f494df8256ae44737a1e5d59769ab4:

Last (not collected) transaction:

Trying to get transaction from block

  const response = await Moralis.EvmApi.token.getWalletTokenTransfers({
    "chain": "0x5",
    "fromBlock": 10207161,
    "address": "0x245bd6b5d8f494df8256ae44737a1e5d59769ab4"

And I got the following ->

This is the penultimate transaction


Hi @badass-ivan

It looks like the token transfer in this transaction is a mint transaction from null address. As of we now we dont have support of transfers from null address on goerli chain. We are planning to support it in the coming weeks.

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