EOA's internal transaction lookup API request

Hello. I’m a developer implementing a wallet and I’m using the API for ERC20, NFT transfer history that you’re currently providing.
I’m working on showing all asset transfers for a specific wallet, and while I can show the coin transfers involved in normal transactions, I’m struggling to show the coin transfers involved in internal transactions.
Could you please support an API to view internal transactions for a specific account?

This will be a deciding factor when the team developing the wallet decides on SaaS.

Hi @ray, have you checked these two endpoints? You should be able to fetch the internal transactions using:

Get decoded transactions by wallet

Get Native transactions by wallet

Make sure to include the internal_transactions parameter


Thank you for quick reply @j0n4 !
The method you described can only be checked if the transaction from, to contains the requested EOA.
Coin transfers via internal transactions can also occur in transactions that are not associated with the requested EOA.

e.g. https://snowtrace.io/tx/0xf8b5f13c837366913c98cf788c64fab671513cc7286b0ae491965b1a7682cbbe?chainId=43114

from: 0xe93685f3bBA03016F02bD1828BaDD6195988D950
to: 0xCD2E3622d483C7Dc855F72e5eafAdCD577ac78B4

[Internal Tx]
0xB31f66AA3C1e785363F0875A1B74E27b85FD66c7 -> 0x1111111254EEB25477B68fb85Ed929f73A960582 (0.22393065346877625 AVAX)
0x1111111254EEB25477B68fb85Ed929f73A960582 -> 0x2dfaDAB8266483beD9Fd9A292Ce56596a2D1378D (0.22393065346877625 AVAX)

If my wallet address is 0x2dfaDAB8266483beD9Fd9A292Ce56596a2D1378D, There is no way to know ‘when I received 0.22393065346877625 AVAX?’.

Hi @ray

We are working on supporting such internal transaction very soon. Currently it is not possible to read that data in any way with our API.

Hi @johnversus. I got it. Thanks for explain!

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