ENS Resolve does NOT work [ Resolved ]


I’m using the following web3 API - {{ base_url }}/resolve/sova.eth [Resolves an Unstoppable domain and returns the address]

Its a simple curl request , For some reason, it doesn’t seem to work and always gives 500 Internal Server error

just some examples here - a24.eth flolio.eth sova.eth 8270.eth

Is it just me? what could the issue?

there is a different way to resolve ENS domains, that endpoint in particular is for unstoppable domains that are different from ENS domains.

in ethers there is a function that resolves an ENS domain directly

It was confusing because, since you have another API that helps with reverse, I was thinking it will work both ways.

  1. Resolve API - ONLY handles Unstoppable domains
  2. Reverse API - ONLY handles ENS domains.

{{ base_url }}/resolve/0xad097fdcd58535250c59807d6683e0a6b688d6cc/reverse [Return the ENS domain when available (Only for ETH)]

So, just assumed both would work interchangeably, thanks for the clarity.

I will look into ethers.js

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