Endpoint `v2/:address/nft/transfers` return a 500 error code

Hi there! I’ve been experiencing an error code 500 when I try to call v2/:address/nft/transfers.
It’s worth noting that not all of my calls result in this error - some of them return a normal 200 response with the relevant data. This issue started occurring yesterday at midnight, and while it is not happening as frequently today, it is still happening occasionally.
Could you please let me know if you are aware of any issues with this endpoint at the moment?

Hi @lucholeves

Can you please more details on the params values that returned the 500 error? I will check with the devs for more details🙏

Of course @johnversus

For example, I call


And the message response only says Request failed with status code 500.

They also occur on other endpoints, for example:


Could there be a problem if these requests were sent asynchronously, and sometimes two or more requests are received by the Moralis API at the same time? This is the only scenario that I believe could cause these errors.

Furthermore, it does not fail all the time, for example, of 10 requests that respond with 200, one fails with 500.

@johnversus I see 200 OK responses since 3 hours back, so I think it’s fixed now. Additionally, I noticed an incident on https://status.moralis.io/ related to Chain Sync service, for future cases, if there is a downtime in this service, also Web3 API EVM fail?

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Thanks for the confirmation. It looks like we had a short out of sync issue in the past. Maybe the 500 error was related to that.

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