Edit Ethereum Boilerplate html

i go through Ethereum Boilerplate and successfully create it, but i notice the Authenticate button look hard to notice. so i want to try make a change to make it noticeable such as make it as a button or something else. When i go through the code, it does not has the html for it, how do i change it? and if there any YouTube video that teach how to change it?

The default styling of Authenticate button has a gray background and also looks like a button.
I think some others CSS might be changing your authenticate button styling.

Ouhh, but it not about css, the problem is there only one html file and and the content inside it doesnโ€™t even full describe the entire interface design. So it weird for me how does a simple html design can produce such many word. i think it maybe related to jason file. but i donโ€™t really understand it

The Ethereum boilerplate is built using ReactJs which is a SPA (Single Page Application). Itโ€™s built using Javascript and the final result is compiled and shipped with the index.html file. You need to understand Javascript and a bit of react to modify it.

ouhh, Thanks youu, now i understand the process.