Drop in rate limit

Could you please check the account linked to [redaxted] email? For some reason we’re throttled by Moralis to only 25 requests per minute, however we’ve used only 3,5 millions of requests over the last month (with limit 10m for free accounts)

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Hi, sorry for the late response.

There was a change in rate limit last week for all the accounts from a rate limit per minute and per second to a rate limit only per second.
Previously you could do 60 requests in a second with a free account, even if those 60 requests per second were not computed as the limit per minute / 60. There was a possible burst that you could have done at that time. Now we have the limit only per second and a free account has a limit of 25 requests per second without that possibility to do a burst in some seconds.

What does the x-rate-limit-limit header mean now? Is it a limit per second or per minute? Previously it meant limit per minute and now Moralis returns 25 for on every response.

Now it means the rate limit per second

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