Domains for Moralis and SEO/SMO

Do I need to consider anything different when working with Moralis in purchasing a domain name? Is it relevant whether I use an unstoppable domain or similar service?

I mean, I get that for extreme censorship resistance you normally need a privacy-oriented registrar/host, eg

Related to the domain question, are there any particular design decisions in Moralis based on SEO/SMO considerations?


Not associated with the Moralis team (other than as a user) but I have been a developer for a couple decades …

Moralis is the backend service of your dApp. As such it will not be exposed to search enigines via your dApp. Any domain that could be used to access a regular webpage can be used to access a dApp (the dApp using Moralis is a regular web application). Hosting (private server, cloud, IPFS) should not matter.

SEO should be handled in the client side (webpage / dApp) as in other web applications. If you are using a standard .com (you mentioned discovery should happen normally.

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ah, but do unstoppable domains and the like provide a new way to get censorship resistance at the domain-level, or is it just the web3 hosting that’s censorship-reistant? And, you never know, google may ‘decide’ to down-rank web3 sites if there are web3 competitors to their business partners… in principle, google can ‘tell’ that you are using IPFS hosting if it wanted to, yes?

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Unstoppable Domains (U.D.) and the like are similar to ICAN in that they enable distribution of domain names but in a limited fashion (crypto, zil, eth, etc.) ICAN is centralized governance of domains. With ICAN you must pay to register and pay annually to hold your domain. U.D. and the like create NFTs to record a domain for a one time fee. Once created you own and control the domain - no chance of losing it because you forgot to pay an annual fee or because a central agency decides it does not like you.

As to Google, yes they have proven they have no problem with driving sites they do not like to the bottom of the search result. The best fight we have against that at present is to switch to search engines like Duck Duck Go and spread the word to others to do the same.

As to driving traffic to your site do not rely on SEO as the main driver. Work on building your community and providing content across several channels to bring awareness of your site.

Of course you still need network access. IPFS and U.D. only mean you control your domain and content, not that you will always have access to it. A free network is being worked on by several communities but it will probably not be able to serve as a replacement for the now commercial net, at least not for some time.

We are still at the dawn of decentralization so things are still being worked out.

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Can the Moralis team create a guide on how to connect our Unstoppable Domains with Moralis?

The Moralis serves is perhaps considered centralized web servers compared to just hosting it directly on IPFS??
It would be nice to know which jurisdiction we are operating in when using the Moralis servers… where are our files and databases stored??

Related links:

To view .crypto and .zil websites - download the Unstoppable Blockchain Browser or the Unstoppable Chrome Extension. Once installed, your .crypto and .zil domains will resolve in your browser like a .com domain. Your .crypto domain websites can also be viewed in Opera for Android.

This means that those domains are treated/resolved differently than a normal domain.

Alternatively, you can now use an ordinary domain so you can receive crypto to this… and you just link this to your Moralis deployment?

One more question:
How do we harden the servers and ad security measures to them? What are the security best practices we can use on our Moralis servers?