Does Moralis support permissioned EVM chain?

I am working on permissioned EVM chains. Can we connect Moralis with permissioned RPC server ? If yes, what authentication methods does it support?

what is a permissioned RPC server?

I think it’s like a private run enterprise EVM, an unfortunately no @anujmax, but you can add this as a feature request in our roadmap, and we might do it in the future, if many people vote on this feature, then we’ll deliver the feature faster

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Thanks @YosephKS, I will discuss with my team and add it to the roadmap :slight_smile:


@cryptokid @YosephKS to follow up, if Moralis can work with any public EVM RPC. We can create a proxy server to whitelist Moralis servers to private RPC server. Do you think this will work?

for what functionality to use that private RPC server?

For example, someone can run private Ethereum chain in AWS servers:

We want to use following moralis features: