Does moralis have callback url setup to post later events from an API

Hi Moralis Team,

I have upgraded my server and is there a priority support from moralis team on certain questions?

I looking to know the following.Appreciate the help.

I need to post data from an external API to update the status in moralis database for a specific data class.

Basically, the external API initially returns success API response with a response body with it.
The API requires a callback url for it to post the updated status later when available.

How can I get a Call back URL for moralis? So the API can post the event? Any suggestions.

Example: Initial status API to moralis. If you see below, the API is giving unavailable status for the call.

Status: “unavailable”,
Id: 1

Later when the status changes to available, the API will automatically POST it to the call back url to update the status to available for the ID like below.

Status: available,
Id: 1

I didn’t understand the question yet. can you rephrase what you want to do?

you can connect directly to mongo db, or use nodejs with master key and query anything from db.