Does moralis give free subdomain for website hosting as like firebase and vercel

Moralis is greate.
but as a beginner in moralis i eager to know if Moralis give free subdomain as like firebase, github, Vercel and other SASS services ?

you have a free subdomain, your Moralis Server domain, but you can upload there only static files (.html .js for example), this means that it works with a website made in vanilla js or react but not something that runs code server side.

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Thanks for answer friend+sir
one more doubt.
can i replace those subdomains with normal domains (.in .com), or I need to replace it with unstoppable domains only (.crypto, .nft etc).

you can use a normal domains on a separate server, for hosting, and the application that you host there can use your Moralis server to make the requests

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thank u sir,
got it. :slight_smile:

Does sometihng like Babylon.js work on the Moralis server? I dont know if it running code on server side or not … ?

Hi @hiranga

Moralis has cloud code - you can use it for your backend logic.

Babylon.js is on JavaScript so you can use it with Moralis

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Amazing! Thanks @Yomoo!
The other question I had was on having a subdomain. Im a little unclear on how everything works, but right now i have a Webflow website, connected to a custom domain.
If I create a subdomain, eg. can I run my Moralis/html code from Or do i need something else like Moralis Server? Or do i need a different server or something altogether?

I think that depends on where you host your Moralis/html code, but if you are hosting it on Moralis server then you can do some redirection + masking at the moment, custom domain support should come soon :raised_hands: Otherwise, check out which platform you host and whether they have custom domain support on them

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So I’m still getting my head around HTML, coming from a Webflow/low-code background…
When it comes to dapps I’ve been following how to put together HTML with moralis in VSCODE and then run it on LocalHost.

But, those files need to live somewhere, which I’m guessing is a Server? Which needs to be mapped to my Subdomain “” ? So… can I use Moralis server for that?? (deploying via CLI?) or do i need to buy a server or something?

Sorry, I’m trying to weave together the logic of all this…

Can you tell me what redirection or masking is about? Is there a tutorial to follow by chance?

@hiranga, @YosephKS mentioned a proper answer.

Since your application runs fine locally, it should run fine too anywhere its hosted. Using moralis in your dApp doen’t mean your dApp must be hosted on moralis.

There are several hosting service that support dApp hosting. The way your folder is structured, you can just push it to vercel or firebase peending the time moralis subdomain will be live


Yes you’ll need to host it in server and yeah add redirection + masking on your subdomain, you can host on Moralis server and deploy it with moralis-admin-cli, you can check out our docs on that here :raised_hands:

For redirection and masking, it will depend on where you buy you domain name as they can help you manage your domain on your platform.


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Redirecting lets you automatically direct your domain name’s visitors to a different website. Masking prevents visitors from seeing your domain name forwarding by keeping your domain name in the Web browser’s address bar.

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okay thanks! I think I get it. So, I dont require any special permissions from Moralis to host on Moralis, and then if i understand correctly, subdomain my website, and forward the subdomain page to the Moralis Address, but while forwarding, i need to have Masking setup so that a user does not see the Moralis Server URL stuff … right?

Yes. To host on Moralis, all you need is the cli and follow the link to read on Hosting on Moralis

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