Documentation bug

I found that these three sections are missing in the github moralis nft-api docs.

I tried to do PR myself but I didn’t have enough data to do so.

how did you try to make the PR? did you do a fork?

Yes, I also started editing in my code editor, but I couldn’t write it because I didn’t found enough info about these apis to write it

it could be this:

GET ​/block​/{block_number_or_hash}​/nft​/transfers
GET ​/nft​/{address}​/transfers
GET ​/erc20​/{address}​/allowance

first two of them seem to be already there, the last one I’m not sure if it also works for NFTs

Yes, the third one doesn’t work for NFTs

I will do the PR for the first two :slightly_smiling_face:

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not sure what you want to do in that PR, the data is already there on the page

I see now :rofl: my mistake lol

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