Do you take transaction fees


As part of your system/service, are there any transaction overheads/fees? I think i saw somewhere that there is a 1% transaction fee? So if i have a server, with the 1inch plugin do you take a fee basically.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the quick response.

I mean if i use Moralis and the 1inch plugin as my solution to build a dex, does Moralis take any % for any transaction?

Its good to know that I can, as a developer, add fees etc but my question is are there any fees/overheads that Moralis apply?


I think that it is an extra fee that it is added if you use the 1Inch plugin, and if you don’t want to have that overhead you can do your own implementation that uses 1Inch API

So if i use the 1inch API directly there is no 1% fee per transaction right?


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That is what I think now