Do you need nodejs for nft marketplace?

Can you run the nft marketplace template with regular js and not use nodejs? I have tried the minter and that seems to work fine. Just wanted to see if I can as my current hosting does not have nodejs installed.

You don’t need any backend for moralis. That’s the whole beauty of this middleware

Just seems most of the demos use node. What about the file cloud code.js there are 2 lines I am not sure of

const nft_market_place_address = β€œβ€ ;
const coordinatorKey = β€œβ€;

Is the coordinator my address? And where do I find the marketplace address.
Are these secret, or does it matter

Hey @MrBodean, I am not entirely sure about coordinatorKey, it might be something discussed in the tutorial, for NFT Marketplace Address, you first need to deploy the marketplace contract and then copy it there :raised_hands:

If you want to interact with the author of the tutorial go to this thread right here Cloning OpenSea NFT Boilerplate Questions

Hope this helps :raised_hands:

The one I looked at was this one which is different than the opensea

the cloud code in particular runs on a Moralis Server, and it may have some dependences like const web3 = Moralis.web3ByChain("0x13881"); that you can not use directly in your browser console for example

coordinatorKey sounds like a private key, you can check the code to see where it is used to confirm if that it is the case

You mean we can upload to our moralis server?

What docs am I missing:)

There is a section with cloud functions, that you can access from admin interface for every server. There you can add code that looks like the code that you pasted. You can search cloud code/functions in the documentation.

So I have a Laravel Template NFTs i can use that without adding the backend to it?

Found it but still don’t see where it explains what those 2 addresses come from or how, but that is super cool you can add that in the interface. Loving moralis more and more

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yep u can add a seperate backend if you chosse. But the whole idea is to do it serverside any backend that you may require you can do so via cloud functions built in moralis.

Thanks I have been strugling with this for days.

anytime happy to help!