Do I always need an app and server id?

Or can I just use moralis tools “raw”

For example, it would be awesome to be able to use react-moralis without the app and server id out-the-gate, and then add them “later” when I need the server.


For now you connect to a Moralis server for making requests to web3api functions too from Moralis SDK, this is in case that you use Moralis SDK, but if you want to use HTTP APIs directly (, then you don’t need a server url and app id, only the api key (but probably this is not what you are looking for)

For now you need a connection to a Moralis server for most of the functionalities provided in Moralis SDK

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Thank you!

Do we need to wrap it in the MoralisProvider still? It looks like the app and server are required to wrap it in a moralis provider

Hi @PatrickAlphaC

It should work without appId and serverUrl on vanilla moralis, but not on react-moralis. But the problem is that ~ 98% of useful Moralis functionality requires provided server details. So it will be useless without them.

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Gotcha, thank you!

Wondering if that might be a useful feature improvement? A lot of users like hosting on things like fleek and IPFS.