Discontinue of speedy nodes - replacement WEB3API

I have a function written in PHP that do transfer from one wallet to another through web3p, web3.php and moralis speedy node.

$web3 = new \Web3\Web3(new \Web3\Providers\HttpProvider(new \Web3\RequestManagers\HttpRequestManager('https://speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io/xxxxxxxxx/bsc/mainnet', 2)));
$eth = $web3->eth;
$transactionParams['gasPrice'] = '0x' . dechex($gasPriceMultiplied);
$transactionParams['chainId'] = $chainId;
$tx = new \Web3p\EthereumTx\Transaction($transactionParams);

$signedTx = '0x' . $tx->sign($fromAddrPrivateKey);
try {
	$eth->sendRawTransaction($signedTx, function ($err, $txResult) use (&$rst) {
		if($err) { 			    	
			$rst = array(
					'errCode' => 1,
					'errMsg' => $err->getMessage()
		} else {
			$rst = array(
					'errCode' => 0,
					'errMsg' => '',
					'txHash' => $txResult


I received an announcement email from Moralis saying that speedy node will be discontinued on 11 Jul 2022 and recommend to replace it with WEB3API.

I understand that web3api has runContractFunction function to call contract “transfer” function, but so far I think it’s only for readonly function. anyone has a solution if I want to make a call to transfer function in my contract?

Yes runContractFunction is for getting read only data from contracts.

Since you are already interacting with contracts with web3.php, you will just need to use another node or RPC URL from another provider e.g. Chainstack.

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thanks for the info.
moralis has no solution for this? I was thinking to stick to one for all my blockchain interaction

No because Moralis’s speedy nodes will be shut down soon as you have read, so you will have to find another node/RPC provider.

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