Disable API key for Speedy Node

Hi! We’ve been using Speedy Nodes to index our smart contracts’ data in a backend, but we are now getting a 401 error when trying to use the endpoint since the library (graph-node) we use to index the blockchain only takes the endpoint as parameter and can’t take the API key to send it with each request.

We need to disable the API key for our endpoint, so that our application continues to work.

I wrote on the support chat about this and was told to make a topic on the forum.


I don’t know about an api key used for speedy nodes.

What is the error message for that 401 error? what chain are you using?

I’m getting “401 Unauthorized” when trying to call eth_getBlockByNumber and net_version. We’re using the ethereum mainnet archive endpoint.

We were not getting that error when we first started using Speedy Nodes.

when it the last time that it worked?

we added a whitelist only from some methods some weeks ago

Best to email support for this

I started using the endpoint on December 19, it was working then

To what email address should I send the issue? Thanks!

[email protected] is the email address