Difference between `getTransaction` and ethers `getTransactionReceipt`

Is it possible to acquire the Moralis getTransaction result more in harmony with a "true getTransactionReceipt request from JsonRPCProviders?

Moralis returns topic0-? whereas RPC providers return an array of topics. Obviously I could go through manually an “rebuild” the information that I wish to then “decode”, but this seems tedious, and I don’t see an obvious reason Moralis doesn’t return information in the same format. :thinking:

This looks more like a feature request. You can still use a node if you want the original info that the nodes provide.

Yeah, I may have to do that in the short term. Just frustrating that I just purchased a subscription only to hear they’re getting rid of speedy nodes.

Originally I was listening directly to transactions (adding and removing constantly dynamically so not using cloud syncing tools). But I’ve been trying to move things over to timed API calls. Not interested in using TheGraph or any of those tools right now. Would really like to solve all my issues with Moralis API if possible. :pensive:

I’ll read back through to see if I’m misunderstanding something, but I definitely need a smooth TXHASH -> RECEIPT -> DECODELOGS workflow.

Also, it actually looks like I can no longer use the nodes. It’s ended on my free account, and a new paid account doesn’t seem to be able to create them.

Any thoughts on quality alternatives that don’t involve an additional subscription? :joy: