Dex Starter Repo (Moralis Blueprint)

Anyone here who can help me with the “Dex Starter Repo (Moralis Blueprint)”?


Final Repo Github:

I have done everything exactly as in the tutorial but I get no price displayed, I think there must be an error in the API call.

But even if I clone the final repo, and there only insert my Moralis API into the .env file, I don’t get a price displayed.

I have installed all dependencies, I just do not know where the error lies.

I also get no error message, I can successfully compile the project without errors

Can someone help me?

Strange that you don’t get any error. Can you add some logging near the code that should get the price?

I used exactly the code from the Final Repo to test it (maybe I have a bug in my code), but also with the Final Repo (I don’t touched the code) I changed only the Moralis API Key from the .env file and has installed “npm install” in the directory.

It doesn’t work…

maybe it is some issue somewhere, you can try to debug it