Dex Component not working error 141

{“code”:141,“error”:“No pools found with enough liquidity, to calculate the price”}

trying to use the dex component from the boilerplate but receiving this error when trying to select a token.

It seems the token chhosen doesn’t have enough liquidity

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I haven’t gotten to select a token from the dropdown simply having the dex component render after a onclick produces that error. Do I need to have liquidity in my wallet just to see the component work?

Are you using the sample on github ?

Yea that’s the one I’m using

What network are you on ?

Ethereum mainnet since ropsten testnet cant be used

You added your serverURL and AppId properly ?

yea everything looks to be passed in correctly. I’m even able to connect to metamask through usemoralis() I have a component that renders a button and brings up the Dex component once clicked on but none of the functionality for the Dex component works.

Oh, so you use reactjs, in the boilerplate, it works well though. Will check that out

Facing the same issue here, any help would be appreciated

What is the request that gives that error?