DEX API listening call

Hi i build a simple dex using your tutorial (link: and everything worked fine tested it but a couple of days later the dex swap functionality stopped working and shows a sign that its not allowed to swap and iam wondering if its because iam still in the free plan and limited API listening calls could you confirm and elaborate on this issue thank you. alexis riley

what error do you see in your console?

Its not exactly that their is an error i even deployed the dex i built based on your tutorial and it worked however when i tested it a day later the swap function stopped working and i get a not allowed sign to enter any kind of number and was wondering if its because iam in the free plan and have any kind of API Listening call limits the only issue i got in the vs is below but still the app deploy just fine check the dex i deployed based on your tutorial i just want to pinpoint the issue so my question would upgrading to pro solve the issue plus can i use same tutorial to work with other networks such as polygon.
vs code
USER@DESKTOP-B2P9QNV MINGW64 ~/Desktop/dexStarter-main
$ cd dexStarter-main

USER@DESKTOP-B2P9QNV MINGW64 ~/Desktop/dexStarter-main/dexStarter-main
$ cd dexBack

USER@DESKTOP-B2P9QNV MINGW64 ~/Desktop/dexStarter-main/dexStarter-main/dexBack
$ node index.js
bigint: Failed to load bindings, pure JS will be used (try npm run rebuild?)
Listening for API Calls

hi iam still getting same issue whats confusing me its not a constant issue mean when i try to test the dex i built following your tutorial it works just fine but then it does not allow me to enter any numbers to swap i get the not allowed signal when i try everything else work and what confusing the next day it works could you help me this is the dex i developed using your tutorial just thought to clarify the confusing part that it works sometimes but most times dont could you help me resolve this issue thanks or give me instructions to resolve it

I have the same challenges Alexisriley, Have you resolve it?

iam still investigating well let you know if i resolve the issue!! please let me know if you find a solution too :slight_smile:

hi john, after looking at it i found no fault in the code normally the dex stop working when i sign off vs and think its because i deployed the website but still use const res = await axios.get(http://localhost:3001/tokenPrice) and use 3001 as the port so clearly if you cannot call on the api you cannot enter anything. as iam new to programming and coding still did not figure it out yet i deployed the swap to netilfy you will notice its not working currenttly i think i need to deploy dexBack as a subdomain but iam still confused as in dexBack index.js it has a cons port=3001 so still working on the issue but think dont waste your time on the code as their is nothing wrong their. please let me know if you found anything that could help me alex :slight_smile:

Hi Alex, Have you found solution to your dex?

Hey @alexisriley,

We have no more DEX swap functionality, what you might be referring to is the 1inch API that is used in the tutorial. You might wanna consult with them for that as it is something that they can help on their side :raised_hands:

hi john yes i found a solution you need to create a web server at for your application dexBack to work live i found it the simpliest platform for node.js and they have a free tier only down side for the free tier if website not active server stops so if you go to my dex it will get working after 30-60 seconds their starter plan for the server is 7$ so not bad if you dont want that. to simplify your dex is your frontend and backdex is the backend (web server) you can deploy your frontend as normal netilify or what ever you prefer and then deploy your server backend (node.js) i personally used some ppl use heroku or what ever you prefer and find easier. sorry iam a newbie to programming in origin iam a phd student in geo engineering looking at desertification i wish i could help you more. alex :slight_smile:

Hi Alex, Thanks for your time in replying me!, I am new to programming as well. I have managed to learn html, JavaScript and CSS. I am also learning PHP currently. I will try render and see how it works.

hi john iam in the same bought focusing mainly in react js, html, css to be honest dipped my finger into php and python however, i decided to only focus on react js, html and css. if you interested in using i followed this tutorial to set it up alex :slight_smile:

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