Development of an analogue of "Opensea"

We want to create an NFT Marketplace that will be functionally similar to OpenSea.

But we have big differences:

I) Our marketplace is aimed at collectors, antique lovers + ordinary people.

II) We will offer not only NFTs, but also their originals.

III) We have our own cryptocurrency “Wealthcoin” (Bep-20)

We are not worried about the design, but there are problems with the implementation of WEB 3 functionality, I wrote to different people, they offer very different prices

What do we want to see?

  1. Functions as in OpenSea, Rarible.
  1. Absolutely all operations (Mint, purchase and sale of NFT) should be performed only with the help of their own cryptocurrency “Wealthcoin” (BSC blockchain).

We do not plan to use other blockchains.

  1. We want to implement an auction system so that people can bid for the lot they like.

  2. To realize the possibility of evaluating art and antiques.

  3. The site will need support in case of problems.

  4. Is step-by-step payment possible?

Hi check this tutorial:

someone can not mint NFT and also like and share the NFt in that boilerplate, it only show the NFT asset that belong to the particular address , what i mean is that it is not a fullstack opensea clone, it is just a start up… please the moralis team should try all their best to do better…