Details about the pricing plans

We need to use the Moralis SDK Native-
I also need to use the REST API:

In the Pro Plan, how does the rate limit and servers work? if I take a Pro Plan with 5 servers, do I need to redirect the traffic of the SDK Native calls via my servers? How does the rate limiting work in this case?

if you use the SDK, by default the web3api requests will go to your server that was used in Moralis.start

I don’t know about what part of rate limit you ask, there are multiple components for the rate limit:

So if I am on the Pro Plan which comes with 5 servers, how does the load balancing happen in case of higher request rate? Or do I have to manually load balance across the 5 servers from my application?

There is no load balancing on those 5 servers. With a pro plan you can create up to 5 servers.

But if you want to handle more load for now you can upgrade a server to a different server configuration that has more RAM and CPU. That server upgrade is different than the pro plan.

Thanks - so the following questions:

  • What is the throughput and price bands for the server upgrade?
  • Who takes care of uptime, load balancing and failover for the upgraded server?

First upgraded server is $200/month.

For now there is no load balancing on multiple servers. There is only one server that runs the application on multiple threads.

Thanks - what is the throughput - no. of requests per second (or minute) that the production server can support?

It depends on what the server does. If it uses database a lot or complex computations in cloud code.

  1. If we are using just the REST api, a dedicated server is not needed/required if our use case is met with the APIs alone? In this case can we just subscribe to a higher rate limit plan like say 10,000 requests/minute? Also this limit say of 10,000 requests/minute is spread across multiple blockchains (testnet/mainnet) or just one chain?
  2. What is the scalability, availability, throughput parameter for the REST APIs without any dedicated server? .
  3. What is the concept of Speedy node? Are they an extra add on or are they included with the pro-plan?
  4. In the future if we decide to get a server in addition to REST APIs, how easy is it to upgrade?

you can do that, the rate limit will be across all the chains

web3api can work with your server or you can use it independently, when you use it independently without a server you don’t have to worry about throughput, but you will have the rate limit as a limit

speedy nodes are only RPC nodes where you can send transactions directly to a chain or query the chain directly

there is a difference in using a server, it has a different use case than using only the web3api, you can easily upgrade a server.