Deprecation of `token_address` on NFT search endpoint: `/nft/search` from Oct 15, 2022

Deprecation of token_address on NFT search endpoint: /nft/search from Oct 15, 2022

Products affected

  • [] SDK

  • [X] API

  • [ ] Admin UI

  • [ ] Nodes

Is this a breaking change?

  • [X] yes

  • [ ] no

Description of the change

Deprecation of token_address in /nft/search endpoint

The token_address query parameter in /nft/search API endpoint will be deprecated.

Alternatively, you can still use addresses parameter to search for NFTs based on their contract address. You are allowed to passed in an array of addresses using this parameter.

What exactly can break?

If your application relies on token_address to perform the contract address specific query, the logic will break. The changes will eventually returns a result of NFTs without filtering based on the contract address.

How to ensure my app won’t break?

In order to ensure that the response still return a result based on contract address, you will need to use the addresses parameter instead of token_address.

When will this change go live and be mandatory?