Deploy react Dapp on moralis (Custon Domain, SSL and Routes)

Hey guys how you doing? im trying to host my react dapp on moralis but we have a few questions.

  1. when i host my react app if anyone try to use a path different than / the page says 404 Not Found (nginx error). how can i solve?

  2. how can i change the domain?

should i use this service or change it for Netlify?

You can not use a custom domain now with Moralis hosting

Related to the path with 404 error, how does that work on localhost, I don’t know exactly how that path is handled usually

on local enviroment is handled with react-router, it’s like it read the path and select a set of components.

but in the configuration of nginx here in moralis is looking for a “library.html” and it doesnt exist.

it looks like nginx has to be configured to work with those paths:

location / {
  try_files $uri /index.html;

and probably Moralis static hosting doesn’t have this configuration.

exactly, that’s why i think i should move my deploy to other service like netlify until moralis have a proper solution!.

moralis’s work is amazing and ill buy pro tier soon! and if you need any help to get those features i could do some Pull request to add it.