Deploy Moralis to Pinata

Hey Mages! Anyone deployed a moralis react app to piñata? Special bonus appreciation if it’s to an Unstoppable domain. Pointers appreciated

how does that work? to deploy an app to pinata?

Deploy a moralis react website to piñata. That is what I am asking.

I guess what you want is to do something like this?

Yes, good stuff. I built and deployed it on my unstoppable domain using a private pinata gateway and it worked by just entering the IPFS HAS as described here:

i guess i was overthinking it; did not know if the .NFT unstoppable domain was going to be able modify the IPFS equivalent of a DNS.

the audio NFT files load very slowly and because I am still using Moralis and Opensea it is not clear if Pinata is assisting with the file size limits imposed.

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