"Demand shock" indicator

So I’m cruising along building my DEX with Moralis on Polygon and half the time the 1Inch trades just…choke. So I do some digging and everything’s fine on my side and on Moralis’ side. But there’s something called a “demand shock” going on on-chain. Huge NFT minting or whatnot. Gas prices are 5x to 10x normal for hours.

How do I detect that? I’d like to warn my users about the “weather” and not get complaints about how “your software sucks!” when really it’s the global network conditions.

I see the server code demo about averaging gas prices as experienced by the dApp’s users. But I’m looking for the real, all-network say 48 hour average vs. last block Tx gas fees. Seems like a job for the indexed or speedy node?