Deleted server serves old files... server confusion?

Ok, I am working on the RaribleClone Tutorial. I deleted the server I worked on up until today and spun up a new one for this project, as I did encounter sudden CORS errors, which I could not find a reason for.

After checking multiple times without success I decided to spin up a new server. The CORS errors are gone, but now, when I fetch the users NFTS via the cloud function ‘getItems’, the server also responds with the items that have been minted on the previous server. This is of course confusing because I just deleted that server and also do not connect to that server’s address anymore.

Hm,… What am I not seeing here?? or is this a bug? Does Moralis save user data cross-server?
If so, can I specify in the cloud function to only fetch data from a specific serverURL?

Try clearing the browser’s cache after you spin up a new server, I just had to do a reset because I was getting CORS and bad-gateway errors. Things are running smoothly now after clearing the cache and doing a reset on everything. I also update/restart the server after adding new cloud functions or plugins to be overly cautious.