Delays in Cronos Testnet APIs

We are experiencing some delay in the cronos testnet apis and was wondering if there were any issues. NFT transfers are taking some time to reflect.

Hey @dev123,

How long is the delay on the NFT received?

Also are you using the Web3 or Streams API?

We are using Moralis’ NFT API and the delay varies sometimes up to a day. Which is not usable for us since we need less than a minute delay

Hey @dev123,

Can you let me know since when is this occurring and can you give me any example of NFTs that delays up to a day?

We are not aware of any down time on Cronos testnet so we might need to check further.

It has been occurring for the past 2-3 days.

Testnet contracts that this issue has occurred:

Thanks, I’ll have the team check on this. :raised_hands:

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Are there any updates on your front? Thanks

Hello, did you check recently? there is still that delay present?

We did have issues with Cronos testnet few days ago that could cause those issues.

@cryptokid yes we are still facing this issue on the Cronos testnet at the moment.

Can you try on a different testnet network?

we are still working on fixing it


@cryptokid Thank you for the update - appreciate the help. Do you have a rough estimated timeline for this? Ideally we will not have to test it out on another testnet network, but if there’s no choice, we may have to do so.

I don’t know when it will be fixed, if you are in a hurry better to test on another testnet

@cryptokid @YosephKS

We will soon be running an incentivised testnet on Cronos for public users to use. Therefore, we will have to proceed with using the Cronos testnet. Anything we can do? As the issue has been happening for more than a week already.

I’ll ask for an update to the team

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