Delay watch address / event


How is that possible to get an approx 20min delay between the block timestamp and the created_at attribute when you listen for newly created pair for example?

Block timestamp

Created At

I would have expect watching / sync address was almost real time… Same for BSC or ETH Transactions by the way… I know there might be some delay for the transaction to be confirmed but on BSC it’s a matter of one minute in general…

Is it possible to sync in real time?

what is the server url? are you using a nitro server? that delay is constant or happened only once?

The server URL is here:

What is a nitro server? I guess I used a normal one.

Delay seems constant all my rows are affected either in bsctransactions table or newpaircreated table

you already have a nitro server, it looks like there are more than 4M rows in db, that could be the problem

you could try to upgrade the server or to delete some of those rows

Hum, it looks like the delay is shorter in the first rows. But I’m already on a pro plan so I cannot upgrade more.

For the BSCTransactions I don’t need all of them, is there a way to filter and don’t insert all or I have to run a delete command on a regular basis to clean it up?

you could make a job to delete them periodically

you can upgrade more, the pro plan doesn’t include an upgrade to a server, there are separate upgrades for the server, first upgrade starting from $200/month for a server with more CPU and RAM

Alright thanks for your answers!