Degraded service

Hey Ethereum mainnet shown as degraded. Any idea when it’ll be operational again?


Hey, I’ll ask the team and get back with more info.

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I found out that it should be fixed now.

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Appreciate it! Will await the fix.

is there a particular problem what you see now with eth?

I’ve made an app demo for a game I’m building. Using Moralis to recognise Mainnet NFTs in connected wallets. The connected wallets and Moralis is used to display NFTs on my site and allow entry into my browser game.

Users weren’t able to see their NFTs.

Waiting a few more minutes to check.

Hey, we’ve had multiple checks to call your API. It seems to be a problem that’s still on Moralis’ side.

Hey, can you give an exact example that doesn’t work as expected now?

Can you manually load the NFTs in a different page? Any examples of NFT data that doesn’t display?