Deep Index Api for BSC token giving null token name and decimal values

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to integrate the Deep index API for BSC. To get the balance of all tokens I am receiving the null token name and symbol. Also there is no decimal values. thats why I am getting PIG token balance wrong as by default I am dividing every token balance by 18 time.

Hey @fshk, hope you are ok.

Please follow this guide in order to give us the proper information so we can review your issue properly :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

Didnt get it. what is the guideline ? I am explaining my issue just as simple that deep index api to get erc20Balances for BSC not giving token metadata.

I am looking for an answer to this as well. Was this ever resolved?

This has now been fixed. Please check if the issue persists @bullish @sumitc