Database Question

I am still learning how Moralis works under the hood and have a few questions.

  1. Assume my Moralis server is on the Ropsten Test Net.
  2. Assume my meta mask is connected to the Rinkeby Test Net.

How will that affect my database?
How will that affect cloud functions?(I have not tested these yet)

My real question is, can I use the Web3 MM provider for coston testnet, and still somehow be able to use the database feature of Moralis?

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Moralis will get the transactions from Ropsten and any other networks which you’ve turned on in your server for that address in your scenario

To avoid confusion - ensure in the frontend that your user uses Metamask with a network that is turned in in your Moralis server :raised_hands:

Thank you for the reply, but if I am using standard Web3 for transactions and I am ONLY using Moralis for the database functionality(without cloud functions), will it work?

I know I could just try it out but figured I’d ask here.

My goal is to get this prototype up on the Coston Network and I don’t want to write a bunch of code to interact with MongoDB/Firebase if I know Moralis is bringing all of that to Flare at some point.

Yea it will work, Moralis doesn’t care about metamask network

It gets the address and monitors transactions for the address on the networks you’ve enabled

Cloud functions and database work independently of that so they of course work no matter what

This is EXACTLY what I wanted to know and is great news, thank you so much. This product is AMAZING!

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If you want to use web3 in cloud function with some network which Moralis doesn’t natively support you need to find a node to connect to

But once you have a node you can connect to it via cloud functions

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