Dashboard username & password

How do I log in to my dashboard directly with my dashboard credentials (username & password)?
Instead of first having to login to admin.moralis.io, and then visiting my server’s dashboard.

Thanks in advance!

You can find the username and password for the dashboard in admin interface in server settings.

But this may not work any more in the future when we may change how the authentication works.

I know where to find the credentials. But is there a direct login page where I can input these credentials? Or can I somehow do it through code? I don’t know where to enter these credentials.

the url where you can add the credentials looks like this:

There’s no TLD? How am I supposed to access the url?

that is the url to your server, you will see it when you access the dashboard, there is a different url for every server

Says “Cannot GET /login” when I visit https://xxxxxxxxx.usemoralis.com:2053/login

is 2083 instead of 2053 port there

Oh right, thank you!