Dashboard not showing contract_type

Hi there,

I am following the tutorial and so far everything works. I minted the NFT and now I am doing the cloud functions config.

When I look at my dashboard I have:

I don’t see the field contract_type anywhere in the tables.

Anyone can please help me?

Thank you so much.

In what table it should be that field?

In the video says that it was previously in the EthTokenBalance table I don’t have and then it says that it has been upgraded to NFTTokenOwners which I don’t have in the dashboard.

I need to set up the cloud function but have no clue how to do without the tables?

Please help, thank you a lot for your answer!

some tables will appear only when there is data specific to those tables.

for example if you authenticate only with an address that has no NFTs, then the tables specific to NFTs will not be created yet.