Curious about query from Unity

I’m curious, I’m making a little test and in Unity where I just want to get every element within my database (There’s only 5 things right now) and all of the Query examples seem to only fetch very specific things that match names etc, is it possible to query everything and put them into an array within Unity?
Thanks in advance.

have you tried removing the match names function on the query and then calling Find function.

I think that should give the entire class data.

With the query example it uses the already made Monster class,
I’ve created my moralis class and uploaded into the database on a separate project and am trying to query in a standalone project, how would I go about doing this? creating the class again?

This is what I’m trying to do using the example code from the documentation

This is what I’m trying to do when trying to retrieve the data

This is how I uploaded my data in the separate project

This is the example code from the documentation

Honestly I’m still quite lost

If you want to get all rows from NewDungeon, then you’ll need to get rid of the constraints e.g. WhereEqualTo.

I’ve tried that, and it still comes up with the same error about NewDungeon not being able to be used as type parameter

I am also having the same problem did someone figure it out ?

Bump, guessing no one can help?

Can you post on the Moralis Discord in the #game-dev channel, someone may be able to help with this. To me the error seems to be more general related to Unity/C# so try searching that error as well.