CryptoKitty transfers and owners don't seem to be added to db

I’ve got a wallet that I’m watching which contains a cryptokitty.

You can see it in etherscan here - 1139080

I am watching this address (0x76dd1E5E8a5759FDa46CDC983CBfF10AecF17939) in my Moralis instance but the crypto kitty has not shown up in EthNFTTokenOwners and there are also no EthNFTTokenTransfers for cryptokitties even though this address has taken part in a few crypto kitty transfers.

Hoping to have the ability to see a users list of nfts and it would be great to have crypto kitties available.

Anything I can do here?


There have been a lot of changes recently to the NFT token sync code. Try updating your server to the latest version.

An update: this should be fixed in an upcoming server version. There was an error in our sync code that prevented ERC721 tokens that didn’t have a tokenURI function from being properly added to the EthNFTTokenOwners table.

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Perfect! thanks @mayjer