Cryptoarte collection not included with getNFTs

Using the getNFTs API does not return the Cryptoarte collection as an NFT in a user’s wallet:

OpenSea Collection:
Contract Address: 0xbace7e22f06554339911a03b8e0ae28203da9598
Etherscan link:

Could that be added to the API call?

You can use the api to sync a contract, also if you call getTokenIdMetadata for a token id from that contract the it will start to index it automatically.

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Looks like that worked to get the base contract synced but hasn’t worked for any of the token id’s - tested out with a few different ones. Still getting no returns from getNFTs for the contract.

What it did for the contract then?

Here’s what is returned for the global contract metadata:
“token_address”: “0xbace7e22f06554339911a03b8e0ae28203da9598”,
“name”: “CryptoArte”,
“symbol”: “CARTE”,
“contract_type”: null,
“synced_at”: “2022-02-11”

but if I try to retrieve any NFTs associated with the contract, this all that is returned:

  "total": "1",
  "page": 0,
  "page_size": 500,
  "cursor": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJ3aGVyZSI6eyJ0b2tlbl9hZGRyZXNzIjoiMHhiYWNlN2UyMmYwNjU1NDMzOTkxMWEwM2I4ZTBhZTI4MjAzZGE5NTk4In0sImxpbWl0Ijo1MDAsIm9mZnNldCI6NTAwLCJvcmRlciI6W1siYmxvY2tfbnVtYmVyX21pbnRlZCIsIkRFU0MiXSxbInRva2VuX2hhc2giLCJERVNDIl1dLCJncm91cCI6WyJ0b2tlbl9oYXNoIiwidG9rZW5fYWRkcmVzcyIsInRva2VuX2lkIiwiYmxvY2tfbnVtYmVyX21pbnRlZCJdLCJwYWdlIjoxLCJpYXQiOjE2NDUwMzAzMTZ9.TPTKIooMZNeOLFnWD7jfotsetEMJwVXv_oPvmX2nSBQ",
  "result": [
      "token_address": "0xbace7e22f06554339911a03b8e0ae28203da9598",
      "token_id": "5302",
      "amount": "1",
      "contract_type": null,
      "name": "CryptoArte",
      "symbol": "CARTE",
      "token_uri": "",
      "metadata": null,
      "synced_at": "2022-01-17T17:53:08.964Z"

Ok, it doesn’t look like it works as expected.

it looks like that contract doesn’t follow the standards, mainly not implemented the expected interfaces.

you can check again now

Looks like it was only able to capture two of the tokens from the contract. Completely understand if it’s not possible given that it is a really old NFT contract with a weird token ID convention. We’re already accounting for it in other ways. If it can be fixed, that’d be great, but if not, no worries!

what you mean by being able to capture two of the tokens?