Crypto sentiment dapp

Trying to follow the market sentiment dapp using the FirstDapp-Starter.
My last steps so far:

npm i -D dotenv
npm i -D @nomiclabs/hardhat-etherscan

The instructions after that:

First, we must open the “Greeter.sol” file

But I don’t see such file…
So I am stuck at this point. What am I missing?

The default file shipped with hardhat is Lock.sol, so instead of looking for Greeter.sol you should open Lock.sol rather

I cannot follow any of the subsequent instructions, but I think my broblem started a step before:
When I want to install hardhat the instructions show the following:

In visual studio I see the following:

So maybe the created project is different?
That is why I don’t see the files mentioned later in the instructions.
Is this possible? If yes, is there an easy workaround?

That should be fine, just use the default file that is now named differently. If it doesn’t exist in your own project, just create it like the tutorial.

This is NOT how the tutorial “works”.
In the following sentences the instructions go like this:

Inside the “scripts” folder, we have the “sample-script.js” file, which we need to rename to “deployMarketSentiment.js

No, we don’t…

Next, we must replace all “Greeter” and “greeter” with “MarketSentiment” and “marketsentiment”. All that’s left is to remove the “Hello, Hardhat!” parameter from “MarketSentiment.deploy.

I think it’s time to switch to a different tutorial… :frowning_face:

The tutorial was made in May and hardhat has changed some things, which means you just need to create those files if they don’t exist (or rename the existing ones), and then follow with the code. You should still be able to follow the tutorial.

For example, in the tutorial - it has sample-script.js, now hardhat uses deploy.js. So just rename deploy.js to deployMarketSentiment.js and then use the instructor’s code.

Very useful info, will try again.
Maybe these potential required “changes” could be documented at a central, easy-to-find place for future followers, or appended to the end of tutorial(s)
Just a thought

Is there an alternative to “speedy nodes” finish this tutorial now that it is no longer available with the free plan?

You can use another node provider like Chainstack to get the RPC URL (HTTPS endpoint) to use instead of speedy nodes which we no longer provide.