Crypto currency logos

I am sorry for the question but I would like to know from where to fetch crypto currency icons, logos. Let say I fetch all the ERC20 tokens and I would like to display icon for each currency. Thanks

Hi @Michal again. So, didn’t you like my method with twt assets?

For example you can use coingecko api, but it will return you not only logos

your method with twt assets ? I am not sure you wrote something like this to me :wink: … ok I will try to use coingecko api. Thanks

Sorry @Michal It was anouther dev.

For erc20 tokens usually devs use

You will find a .json file with token addresses+links to pictures Or you can do it manually.

just changing address. But it is better to use mapping from json

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Thanks @Yomoo really appreciate your help. Very useful links.

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You are welcome!

Happy BUIDLing :man_mechanic:

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Thanks I am building app for ETH global hackathon :facepunch:


Oh awesome :star_struck:
Wish you success :mage:

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