Crosschain Dapps?

Hi, I was wondering how I could make my Dapp cross-chain?

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Hi @thutch

Please formulate your question more precisely :man_mechanic:

I am also looking for how to run a dapp(website) and allow it to switch between say eth,poly,bnb then if moralis supports it later on integrating Solona. Is there a way to do is through the same url or would you have to have a button that switches between different urls/chains? This is regarding an NFT marketplace :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use your Dapp cross chain now, depending on what network the user is connected you can show an interface specific to that network and the user can change the network for example from metamask.

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Awesome thanks cryptokid I just realised we can pick multiple chains on the same server instance through moralis dashboard :sweat_smile: (Homer simpson moment) :rofl:

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