Create new adreess on BSC network


I need to generate a big list of new BSC network wallet addresses…

I would like a command or script that when executed, returns me the address and its private key.

What is the easiest way for me to generate this list? Does moralis offer any tools to help me with this?

I would prefer c# or js scripts… But if you need to run them in other tools, no problem…


Moralis has ethers js inbuilt so you can use it to generate wallets.

Hey buddy, it worked perfectly…

But I have a question… I need to generate the wallets to be used on the BSC network, not on the ETH…

Does the fact that BSC is an ETH fork guarantee me that all addresses and their private keys work on the 2 networks?

Does generating an ETH address guarantee that it also exists on the BSC network with the same private key?

does anyone know the answer?

BSC and ETH use the same EVM system. So, the addresses work for both the networks. Same case for Polygon. A single address can be used for ETH,BSC, POLYGON and any other EVM compatible chain.

You can verify this by going to your metamask and changing the network. You will see the same addresses being used but on a different network.


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Thank you very much friend. It helped a lot.