Create “empty Moralis user session” for Elrond integration

Hey guys,

We are a multi-chain data project. Our main chain is Elrond and secondary side chain is Polygon. Our token is on Elrond and in future we will bridge some to EVM.

Our Data DEX works perfectly on Polygon. This includes login via MetaMask, Moralis user sessions etc and all the other Moralis goodies.


  • We are aware that Moralis does not support Elrond yet in terms of chain indexing and the web3 APIs

  • We see that that Elrond “login and address linking” is supported but it’s only limited to “Ledger”

Ideal User experience:
We want to have a single Data DEX DApp experience for our users, so they can login via EVM and Elrond wallets.

And we want to use Moralis as the backend (even though it does not support Elrond yet). Our first step is to just get the Elrond user accounts and sessions working with Moralis.

We don’t want the user to have to login via MetaMask and then “link the Elrond address”. Although, we also think that the current link address function for Elrond will try and launch only ledger?

Question / Request:
We have completed integration with all of Elrond wallet logins via Elrond core libraries. Once a user logs in we get a Elrond wallet address of the authenticated user. We now need a way to “bootstrap” an empty Moralis “user session” and “user entry” in the Moralis DB and link this Elrond address to it. This way we are future proof for other chains and also for when Moralis integrates Elrond fully. (Until then we can proxy via our own backend for on-chain Elrond dev needs)

We’d love to continue to stay and build on Moralis as we are multi-chain. We have an insanely cool metaverse avatar tool feature coming up that should go viral given it’s an interoperable 3D avatar builder.

Please advice on some next steps/advice for us.

Hey @itheum unfortunately elrond wallet logins are now not supported, you can either have user connect to metamask first or use email passowrd login to create a user and session in DB and then have it linked to an Elrond address :raised_hands: