Create and deploy smart contract with Moralis

I am new to web3 world and I’d like if someone could point me where I can read/learn how to deploy smart contract from my application with moralis.

I don’t want to test the contract with remix, but I need to programmatically create and deploy smart contract to web3 from web application for specific user. The idea would be that every user at some point would have a smart contract that he owns.

To what extend moralis helps there and what other tools can I use together with moralis to achieve this feature?

Best regards!

there should be a way to do that, Moralis doesn’t help you directly with that, you will have to make a transactions that deploys that contract

Moralis provides you an ethers.js provider.

From there you can set a boilerplate contract in your app where maybe the user can change a few things e.g. name for an NFT contract. When they sign the transaction to deploy it, they will own it (or you could pay for it from your own backend and then just give ownership to the user after).

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