Crating Object in Unity

I’m trying to figure out how to create a Moralis object in Unity and then upload it to my Moralis Database.
I’ve downloaded and imported the Moralis Web3 Unity SDK into my Unity project Like the connect to Unity document says
But when I try and setup a script like the Object section in the Documentation says

I cannot import any of the necessary libraries as they are attached to the MoralisWeb3APISDK and not the Unity one, either tho the example in unity uses that, I’m very much confused as the boilerplate for uploading doesn’t use the Unity SDK but the standard Web3API from this youtube video

Hope someone can help, this feels inconsistent and contradicting

Did you follow the instructions in the Version < 1.2.0 tab? If you want to follow the tutorial or these docs you can use the older SDK version.

I used the most up to date version, will there be an update to the docs for the updated version? it seems kinda weird having a new version but all the support and tutorials being for the older version, makes upgrading feel kinda redundant and especially confusing for a beginner trying to get into Moralis.