CORs policy issue in uploadFolder function

Using the upload folder function but I am not able to upload images whose base64 string is above approximately 100kB. This is the error that pops up:

(You can see in the first line of the image that the string size is 125kB for the image in the first line)

This is the implementation for creating the base64 string but Iā€™m assuming the string is so large that it exceeds the payload size.

Is there any efficient way to tackle this and provide the content field with the image. Or any other way to upload the image via ipfs. Since this is self-hosted parse server, it is the only valid way I found to upload images.

can you check if your server is working properly first? the first error might come when there are issues with the parse server

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I was able to bypass this issue by using axios and uploading files via moralisv2 api, following this tutorial: