CORS Error when fetching tokenURIs provided by getNFTs() function

I’m trying to fetch all of a user’s NFTs. To test, I have a user that has some NFTs that were minted on my marketplace and some that were purchased off of opensea (both on rinkeby testnet).

The getNFTs function does return an array of tokenURIs for all the user’s NFTs, however I get a CORS error when trying to fetch an NFTs metadata using the tokenURI (this seems to happen with NFTs from opensea).

For example, an NFT on minted on my marketplace has the tokenURI:
This seems to work.

However some URIs from the openSea NFTs that don’t work are: and ipfs://QmNX4nsQQhQ8F3aB7EdSC8ja39du8RQ9YsX32S3bzM6y7g/0.json

An example of the error I get is:

Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘’ from origin ‘http://localhost:3000’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

How do I get around this? Am I able to call getNfts() from inside a custom cloud function and use HttpRequest to get the metadata all on the server?

Hey @AlekRuzic

Please provide the token addresses to check and their chains.

If you want to try to fetch all my NFTs on rinkeby, my address is:

For the particular NFTs that gave me an error, here are two examples with more info:

amount: "1",
 contract_type: "ERC721",
 name: "Slacker Duck Pond",
symbol: "SDP",
token_address: "0xec516efecd8276efc608ecd958a4eab8618c61e8",
 token_id: "21",
 token_uri: ""


amount: “1”, 
contract_type: "ERC721”, 
name: "SuppressedUnicorns”, 
symbol: "UNICORN”, 
token_address: "0x8ab1c3385f40504120b4e68d4b76cca16ad28c27”,
 token_id: “0”,
 token_uri: “ipfs://QmNX4nsQQhQ8F3aB7EdSC8ja39du8RQ9YsX32S3bzM6y7g/0.json”

Hey @AlekRuzic

You have this error because you trying to get data from third-party service with CORS.

Could you please share your code which you use to get NFTs metadata