CORS Error NFT Marketplace

Hey everyone, I’m running into a CORS issue with displaying this NFT collection on the marketplace home page. The NFTs pull up and show on Opensea but not on the boilerplate. Any suggestions? (Contract Addy: 0x62b6032f1b393d8bc155319b088c7bcc62f1ff20)

it looks like web3api functions don’t receive the expected parameters and returns an error

So I may not be passing all or enough params?

from logs it looks like address was not provided (it could happen when you are not authenticated) and it is also another error with Invalid hex number

I get this when I try to revisit the collection. The odd part is that the amount of NFTs in the collection shows (103) but it must be the uri.
Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 3.24.04 PM

that may be an error when it tries to fetch the token_uri, that usually doesn’t work from local host

I thought the same so I deployed it to the moralis cli and I still get the same. It’s weird because I have another NFT set that shows up fine.

it could be related to those nfts in particular then, you could move that fetch of token uri to a cloud function, but it may not be easy

Hey, I just wanted to resolve this thread for anyone else who is still reading it. The issue was the “Approve” contract function which Moralis has actually provided a solution for in the new repository. Thank You Moralis!!