Correct Regex remove String ("")_

Hi guys, what’s the correct form remove this string PancakeSwap: Cake (0xa527a61703d82139f8a06bc30097cc9caa2df5a6), I want to remove the string and only watch the characters into (). I use regex for use with replace but I don’t know to start

I didn’t understand the question

i want using regex in this string

PancakeSwap: Cake (0xa527a61703d82139f8a06bc30097cc9caa2df5a6)


That is the output that you want to get or you want to get a different output?

The output is different between parenthesis I want delete any character before parenthesis

Maybe you can do a split by ( and then take the second part

I use regex but always delete this part Cake (

i use this regex : ([a-zA-Z]+)\s[()] i use replace for delete this case, split return array and is more large when i use regex and simplify my code.
What’s recommend ?

I would use a split, but regex should work too