Copy DataBase | Legacy Mainnet to Nitro Mainnet

We have a legacy Mainnet server. And I have created a new Mainnet server in nitro. So I want all the old Legacy Mainnet Database synced in the new Nitro Mainnet. How we can do that?

Please let me know this ASAP. we are stuck in development.

Hi, you can upgrade the first server to nitro directly.

you can find here how to upgrade:
in case that you are in production and you have restricted CLP settings for tables, we could assist in adding coreservices role to CLP in case that it is not already there

you can also do that database sync, you’ll have to connect directly to mongo db, make a dump and load the dump in the new server, not sure if it will work as expected as the new server is already a nitro server, but you could load only specific tables

For connecting Mongo DB, which server we need to connect? Or we can use any server to connect mongoDB like windows and linux? And why are you not sure if it work as expected? Can you please clarify?

The core plugin is already installed in my nitro server how we can use that plugin to sync the users?

You have a non nitro server and a nitro server. They are different, they have different database tables.

Did you try to upgrade the non nitro server to nitro?