Contract Events Not Syncing Ganche-GUI

Gacnache GUI
server url
Smart Contract not syncing . I am seeing token balances but not the classes created by the plugins.
I created a new server same issue.
I am going to try with ganache cli see if that makes a difference.

Working with moralis is very frustrating. A simple thing like plugins work one day then don’t work the next. I was hoping to use this for my project but in this state I would have to think twice

A great feature would be to allow for the editing of the plugin or disabling of the plugin.

New server same issue.

I deleted the first server the first link may not be available.

Could you mention the server version you’re using right now?

I am using the latest version 0.0.221

Thankfully this matter has been resolved by the great team at There are always going to be growing pains with software. This is definitely going to be a top choice for rapidly developing DAPPS.